UI, UX and the Sweet Spot. UI, UX and the Sweet Spot.

A never-ending search for the sweet spot.

As a designer myself I love visuals but visuals are nothing without a proper content and strategy behind it. I'm always searching for what I like to call "sweet spot" on my projects. The combination of UI and UX equally good on each project and not just pretty pixels.

Why I do what I do

I strongly believe that UI and UX can change the world we live with well-crafted projects and applications.

What I do

User Interface
User Experience
Product Design
Icon Design

Creative & Art Direction
Interface Animation
Design Systems

Project process


1. Discovery

I want to learn everything about your project to understand what's the final goal, to come up with a solution and what I need to do to get you there.


2. Wireframe

After knowing the project and what's the goal I start creating a wireframe to organized all the information that was discussed.

Mood board

3. Mood board

By the time the wireframe is approved and there's no gaps on the navigation I start creating a moodboard to see which design direction I am going to follow.


4. Design

When the design direction is choosen I use those references together with my own expertise to craft a beautiful and useful design.